Millennials Talk About Billing

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Admin  |  June 27, 2023

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As an adult, one of the first things that comes to mind when you hear the word “billing” is probably “God abeg” and we understand. This adulthood thing is just filled with billing. No matter what you choose to do, money must fall out. It really be things. 

We spoke to some Millenials and here’s what they had to say about “billing”;

1. What do you think about billing?

Tony- Billing is everything, everywhere, all at once. See ehn, once you just step out of your house like this, money will first fall out. Sometimes I don’t even understand it. How am I spending so much as an introvert? It makes me wonder what my bills would be like in an alternate universe. 

Chinwe- The first time I ever paid for something by myself was after I lost my dad. You can say I’m a daddy’s girl because that man pampered me a lot. Since his death in 2020, it’s been bills upon bills. I don’t even know how I escaped it before then. Now I appreciate his effort even more because chesting bills in this economy is no child’s play.

Tiwa- I’m the first child of 3 children. I’m also the only graduate and the only financially independent child. My dad used to be a civil engineer but after a work accident 2 years ago, he had to retire. So, I take care of my parents and 2 younger siblings. They are twins and still teenagers so they can’t really help financially. I do all of these on a 200k salary so I know all about billing. Sometimes I want to run away and hide but if I do, who would carry the responsibility? Is it my now disabled father or my retired mother?

Hamza- Billing is that piper we must pay whether or not we like it. You don’t plan for billing, billing plans for you. Because no matter how much you budget, one new bill will just spring and scream “surprise” in your face. It’s a never ending necessity because you cannot just get angry and say you are not doing again.

2. Do you think you deserve a reward for the bills you pay?

Tiwa- Not really, since everything I do is for family. If I must get rewarded though, I want my reward to be the success of my siblings. That way the burden is lessened and we can have more than enough to go round.

Hamza- Walai, I won’t mind. In fact, I love the idea of it already. Where can I sign up?

Tony-Sometimes I do because why not.

3. Do you sometimes dodge billing? If yes, tell us how.

Hamza: The ability to dodge bills is the first step to peace of mind. You see those urgent 2k? It can never be me. In fact, if I notice that you’re someone that is always billing me, I’d just block you. I have enough responsibilities abeg.

Tiwa- Of course I do. I’m one person and sometimes dodging bills is the only way to stay sane.

Chinwe- Not really but sometimes I wish I did.

Now, whether you dodge billings or you accept them with your full chest, two things are certain: bills are an essential part of life and e go touch everybody. 

However, sometimes, you need to push back on some billings. Just like you choose your battles, learn to choose your bills and say NO if you must. Remember, there’s still next week, next month and even next year so even as you pay bills, don’t forget to save for rainy days. Download the Bankly App to start saving today because word on the street is that your savings will actually save you in the end.