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Plug and Play Payments

Our bouquet of API services enables businesses to receive digital payments via mobile and web applications, carry out transfers, and offer other value-added services.

Select settlement style

Our products have been built to offer you various settlement options according to your preferences; or instant settlement.

Implement Solutions without Regulations

Implement financial solutions in a flash, and on a reasonable budget, all without obtaining a banking license.

Quick and secure integrations

We make it easy and safe to connect your software and systems to our fast and secure services. Our expert team will guide you through the process and provide ongoing support.

Low transaction fees

We enable companies to offer seamless payment experiences while reducing transaction costs and increasing revenue. With features like virtual account creation, transfer, and bill payments, we streamline financial operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Our offerings

Wallet As A Service

Quick go to market and scalability for start-ups, saves the development time and cost to set up digital bank applications.

Transfer Services

This service is used to initiate payouts to other Bank accounts.

Virtual Account Services

This can be used by Fintechs and digital lenders.

POS As A Service

Agency banking operators can use our POS infrastructure, end-to-end.

Bill Payments

Bill payments such as airtime, mobile data, electricity and cable subscriptions.

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Integration made simple

Our seamless plug-in enables developers to easily integrate financial services into their applications. Our API also supports a wide range of financial services.

Bankly provides developer support through a dedicated support team. With Bankly's API, developers can create innovative financial applications in Nigeria with ease.

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