Our Journey

Beyond banking;

making a difference.

Everyone counts,

every person and every business.

At Bankly, we’re focused on being the bank that creates a pathway for anyone to become a business, and for businesses to be better at what they do.

Since we started operations in 2019, Bankly has been the preferred choice of over 2 million individuals and enterprises in Nigeria, facilitating their financial growth through banking solutions that make business sense.

Today, our customers span across every corner of Nigeria’s diverse population: from individuals looking to carry out basic banking needs, to entrepreneurs starting a new business, as well as established and thriving enterprises.

Two essential components lie at the core of everything we do at Bankly; People and Businesses. By developing solutions that seamlessly integrate both, we support local enterprises in achieving financial freedom.

We're here to support you every step of the way; whether you're a student striving to make ends meet, a small business owner pursuing your passion, or someone looking to build something great. Our financial solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our Mission
To transform the way local businesses access financial services, by providing the tools and support necessary to attain entrepreneurial freedom.
Our Vision
Our vision is to become Africa's leading lifestyle financial institution.

Our Core Values

We're constantly driven by a set of core values that guide our every decision, thought, and action.


At the core of our approach lies curiosity. We constantly ask "why" and seek to find a way by learning and adapting to new information. Pursuing knowledge is essential to growth and progress, and we always strive to innovate and improve.


You can always trust us to provide an unwavering and dependable experience each time you engage with us. Whether you are starting a new account or seeking financial advice, our team is committed to delivering the same excellent service that you have come to know us for. We recognise that consistency is the cornerstone of trust, and we take that obligation seriously


"Is this the best we can offer?"
This question stems from our innate desire for perfection in everything we do. 
We rigorously test and evaluate all our products and services, this mindset of continuous improvement enables us to provide unparalleled quality and value to our customers.


We believe building strong connections with our customers is the key to providing great service and meeting your financial needs. We want to earn your trust, and truly understand what it means to be your partner.


We know that clear and honest communication is essential to understanding each other, resolving issues, and achieving our shared goals. We encourage curiosity as is reflected in our ethos, we promise to always listen carefully to your needs and concerns, and provide the best solutions for you.

Come build with us.

Join our team. Let’s build solutions for Africa together.
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