The future of payments is digital

 Start accepting cash payments via USSD, Web, POS

For Individuals

Make convenient payments from any mobile phone. digitize your money and make transfers easily & conveniently.

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For Merchants

Digitize your cash payments with Bankly. A convenient offline cash collection solution in areas with limited access to financial services.

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Our Beliefs

At Bankly, we believe in a financially inclusive society.
We believe everyone has the right to access basic financial services
irrespective of their age, race, gender or social status.
We believe in the power of technology to provide everyone
with adequate and convenient access to digital financial services
We believe in the effective and efficient distribution
of financial services to any location across Africa.

Financial Inclusion Statistics

SOURCE: KPMG 2017 Digital Summit
Financially Eligible
Digitally Served

What do we offer?

A  cash digitization solution, expanding payment options for merchants beyond debit cards. 

Do more with your cash

Conveniently convert your cash and make transfers on the go. Experience the speed of peer-to-peer transaction and payments with your cash.

Got an ATM card?

Why expose your card on 10 different POS terminals and a thousand more web platforms, when you can simply generate a Bankly PayToken to seamlessly & securely make payments.
Cards ATM
Send Money

Get paid faster with your phone number

Utilize the flexibility of your phone number to quickly receive or send funds with our seamless & secure P2P service. 

Buy! Top-Up! Pay or Save!

Purchase vouchers from agents around you, make convenient, seamless and secure payments to merchants. Deposit in your Bankly account to save.

Transaction History

For thin file customers, Bankly enables them have a transaction history

Financial Planning

You now have access to data that enables you plan your finances efficiently

Credit Profile

Building a credit profile helps determine if you qualify for a loan or service

Micro Credit

Manage cash-flow spikes,  lower the need for emergency borrowing.

Micro Insurance

Our technology enables us identify key barriers for Micro Insurance uptake.


Pay bills and receive payment among networks of friends and family, affordably.


… while enabling financial inclusion.

While our core mission is to provide last mile access to financial services, we are also empowering Africa’s young and growing population with tools for successful entrepreneurship opportunities to contribute to socio-economic growth.

The Bankly Journal

Experience financial accountability

Our Bankly Merchant Portal enables you keep track of financial transactions, reduce the risk of handling cash and enables you build your transaction history which you can use to expand your business.