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Personal Savings

Interest rates that aren't invincible.

The others give you a penny for your thoughts, we give you a 12% interest on every dime.

We make it easy for you to save for what matters most to you; a new home, a vacation, or simply a rainy day. Our savings account offers a secure and reliable way to grow your money. 

With our commitment to transparency and low fees, your money is in good hands.

Group Savings

Contribute for Dad's 60th with your siblings.

You've been planning for that vacation with your friends and your dad's 60th birthday with your siblings, now it's time to start saving towards it.

Make group contributions with friends and family in a way that is transparent, accountable and secure while earning up to 15% interest per annum.

Bill Payment

No stress, No fuss.

Bankly goes the extra mile so you don't have to. Make all your payments from the comfort of your home.

Our app lets you pay all your bills in one place, from electricity bills to airtime, GOTV, DSTV, and Startimes subscription, and everything in between. With Bankly, you're just a few taps away from paying your bills and getting on with your life.


The unforgivable law of repeat transactions

With all confidence and without a hint of doubt, we proclaim: You'll never need to make the same transfer twice.

We understand your time is valuable, so we've designed our system to be as efficient and effective as possible. Whether you're transferring money to a friend, or making a purchase, you can trust us to get the job right the first time.

We’ve done what it takes to be truly digital, moving money at the touch of your fingers and in less time than it takes to finish reading this.

Betta Life Credit

A little something on the side

With the Bankly app, you save up to 2% on every bill payment you make. Pay less for your airtime, DSTV and every other bill. Unlike other services, we help you keep more of your money.

Referral Bonus

Spread the word, it pays off.

Some things are too good to keep to yourself, and our referral program is one of them!

Share the Bankly truth with your friends and you'll both get rewarded - they'll enjoy all the perks of our app, and you'll both earn N200 bonus for every successful referral. Spread the word and earn passive income on referrals.

Bankly Assistant

We confirm, this isn’t a robot.

With Bankly Assistant, there’s always someone on the other end of the phone. Someone dedicated to helping you with any questions or concerns you may have; financial advice? navigating Bankly's features? or simply a quick chat.

Whatever your needs, whenever you pick up the phone, there’ll always be someone to answer.

Hit the Jackpot!

Every penny counts, even the smallest savings can add up to big rewards with us. Every time you save N200, you earn a ticket to play in our daily jackpot with a chance to win up to N10,000.

How to Enter:


Save at least ₦‎200 daily on the Bankly app.


Go to the games section, select the "Save2Win" option and begin playing.


How our product works