How to Keep Customers Coming Back

Admin  |  July 12, 2023

2 mins read

In today’s market, there’s really nothing new that sets apart one provision seller from the other or one fabric seller from another. In other words, there’s nothing new under the sun. So what makes your customers stay? What makes them come back even when they try other vendors?

In this article, we’ll be spilling the tea on strategies to keep your customers coming back, ensuring lasting relationships and business growth.

1. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

If there’s one thing a customer looks out for, it’s the customer service. The customer service is the first impression your business leaves on a customer. Whether it’s good or bad would determine if a customer would return to do more business with you. So train your team to be knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. Whether it's in person, on the phone, via email, or on social media, go above and beyond to ensure prompt and helpful interactions.

2. Provide multiple payment options

Customers don’t tolerate slip ups. Imagine coming to you on different occasions and you don’t accept transfers. They would immediately find someone that can cater to their needs with wider payment options.

Don’t be that vendor that losses customers over payment issues. Be prepared for whatever form of payment comes your way. Whether it’s transfer, cash or card payment, be that vendor that provides customers with multiple payment options. If you don’t know how to, visit and sign up to start offering multiple payment options and collecting payments faster.

3. Seek and Act on Customer Feedback

We Nigerians are known for our love of a good conversation, so let's bring that energy into our business too! Ask your customers for feedback through surveys, social media polls, or even a good old chat. You want to know what they love, what they think could be better, and how you can make their experience even better.

Take that feedback seriously and make the necessary changes. By showing that you genuinely care about their opinions, you’ll build trust and loyalty that'll have them telling people about you.

4. Don’t sleep on discounts and giveaways

If there’s one thing Nigerians like better than Jollof rice, it’s awoof. And no, not the type that purges you. Occasional giveaways and discounts make your customers love you even more. It gives them a sense of reward and appreciation for their continuous patronage.

Keeping Nigerian customers happy is all about creating meaningful connections and providing experiences they'll rave about. It can be as simple as it is difficult if you apply the right techniques. Happy customers mean good business. So don’t forget to apply these principles to your business and watch your customer loyalty go up.