A Tale of Friendship, Asoebi, and Bankly's Group Contributions

Group Contributions

Admin  |  June 21, 2024

3 minutes read

The air was buzzing with excitement as Ada’s wedding day approached. Her friends, fondly known as the "Glam Squad" were excited to be part of her special day. As a tradition in Nigeria, they decided to wear Asoebi to celebrate their friend in style and show their support and unity.

However, coordinating the Asoebi outfits was proving to be a challenge. The fabric had to be chosen, payments collected, and the outfits tailored on time. The Glam Squad was spread across different cities in Nigeria, making the logistics even more complicated.

One evening, during a WhatsApp group call they had to discuss the Asoebi plans, Kemi raised her concerns about the difficulty in trying to keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t. Then out of frustration, she exclaimed, “Isn’t there an app for this? With all the tech bros in this country. Hian”

Suddenly, Sade, the tech-savvy one remembered Bankly. “Actually, there is. Why don’t we use the Bankly app? Bankly has a Group Contributions feature that makes managing contributions like this super easy.” She assured her friends. “It's kind of like doing Ajo, but even better because it’s digitized so it’s super easy to track.  Plus, if we reach our savings target, we earn 15% interest on our contributions!”

Intrigued, the group decided to give it a try. Kemi was relieved of the money collector duty and took her time to refund everyone who had already sent money to her. She downloaded the app and afterwards, set up the group contribution plan, and invited all the Glam Squad members to join and make their contributions.

To their surprise, the process was incredibly smooth. Each member contributed their share through the app, and they could all see the progress in real time. There were no more worries about who had paid or how much was collected. They all liked the transparency and ease of use of the app.

As the days passed, the Glam Squad used the Bankly app to manage the Asoebi contributions and other wedding-related expenses like bridal shower plans and gifts. 

On the wedding day, Ada was happy, not just because of the joy of getting married, but also because of the love and unity shown by her friends. The Glam Squad stood by her side, their Asoebi outfits perfectly coordinated.

The story of Ada and the Glam Squad is a testament to the power of tradition, friendship, and modern technology. By embracing the Asoebi tradition and using Bankly’s group contribution feature, they were able to make Ada’s wedding a beautiful and memorable event.

For anyone planning a wedding or coordinating Asoebi payment collection, Bankly offers a seamless solution for managing group contributions. It ensures transparency, convenience, and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the joyous celebration of love and unity.

So, as you prepare for your next big event, consider using Bankly to simplify your financial planning and make your Asoebi experience stress-free and enjoyable.

Bankly's Group Contributions aren't just for Asoebi contributions.  Whether you are planning a group trip with friends, saving money towards a bridal shower or a birthday party, or fundraising for a cause, as long as it’s a shared goal, Bankly's Group Contributions feature is your guy.