Discover the 5 Profitable Side Hustles in Nigeria

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Admin  |  October 11, 2023

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How did you feel when the naira plunged to 1000/$1? Were you excited that your purchasing power has increased, or did you realize that it was time to double your earnings? We all have 24 hours a day and how we utilize them is entirely within our control. With a profitable side hustle, you can pursue other passions outside work to generate additional income. 

Here are some of the best side hustles in Nigeria that can help you earn extra money while exploring your interests and honing your skills. 


Graphic Design 


Have a look around where you are or open your social media app. What is it that you observe? Can you see any billboard, social media advert, or branded items like a bag, book, or pen? These items could be of different shapes and sizes, some of them might have popping colours while some might have subtle colours. Most of them will have a logo to show what they stand for. All these elements are visuals that communicate a message and they need a graphic designer to create them.  


Therefore, if you have an eye for design and a passion for creativity, consider taking up graphic design as your next side hustle adventure. You can learn graphic design through online platforms like Udemy and Coursera, then practice to gain mastery and stay inspired by industry trends and professionals. If you are already skilled in graphic design, you can start sending proposals to get offers on Upwork or Fiverr.  


Freelance Writing 


With the digital era in full swing, the demand for well-crafted content is soaring. If you have a knack for writing, freelancing is a great way to turn your passion for words into a source of extra income. From creating blog posts and articles to crafting marketing copy and technical documentation, the opportunities in freelance writing are not limited. If you have a 9-5 in Nigeria, flexibility is a major advantage because you can balance your regular commitment with freelance writing projects. Furthermore, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get these local and international gigs. To get started, look out for freelance writing roles on job boards. 


Social Media Management


In an era driven by digital connections, small and medium-scale businesses in Nigeria need social media managers who can help them stay visible online to acquire customers. As a social media manager, you'll craft engaging content, analyze data, and implement strategies to increase engagement and followers on Instagram, Threads, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Just like freelance writing, what makes social media management ideal is its flexibility—work around your schedule, be it alongside your job, studies, or other commitments. One important thing to note is that taking up social media management as a side hustle will require a lot of consistency. However, consistency is what will increase your chance of getting recommended.  

CV Writing 


With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, many individuals are willing to invest in professionally written resumes to stand out. You can use your writing and creative skills to help job seekers highlight their qualifications and experiences while allowing them to land their dream jobs. CV writing is a good side hustle that allows you to make a difference in people's careers while boosting your income. Interestingly, you just need an Android phone or laptop and internet to start. 


POS Business 

POS services save Nigerians from banking stress. Since financial transactions happen daily, having a POS business is a side hustle that has come to stay. You can purchase a POS device(s) and employ other people to do the work. With Bankly’s POS terminal, you can accept different modes of payment: including card payments and bank transfers. Monitoring and reconciling cash and online payments is also seamless on the terminal. To start your POS business with Bankly, all you need to do is open a business account HERE


These 5 side hustles which you can comfortably manage alongside your day job or studies provide financial stability and the opportunity to grow your skills and income potential. 


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