Money Management Hacks from Nigerians for Nigerians

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Admin  |  August 29, 2023

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If there is any time to manage money, that time is now.

The economy is not smiling and things are getting more expensive by the day. To ease the situation, we're giving you some everyday wisdom to make every Naira count and ease your financial life in these trying times.

Hack 1: "Chop Life, But Save Money"

You've heard the phrase "chop life" and you want to enjoy the good things in life. Guess what? Everyone wants to but it's all about finding the right balance – indulge in that occasional treat but set aside a portion for your Bankly savings like the smart money person that you are. Don’t eat all your money.

Hack 2: "Awoof Must Cost"

We Nigerians love a good bargain, and we are masters at sniffing out the best deals. We scout for discounts, coupon codes, and sweet freebies like true "awoof hunters." It’s time to double down on this winning strategy - saving money while getting what you want.

Hack 3: "Turn Up, But Don't Overturn" 

As a Nigerian, you know how to have a good time, but you should also be responsible with your finances. Set a budget for "turn ups" and stick to it. No overspending – just good vibes and responsible money management! 

Hack 4: “Avoid Debt to Avoid Sapa”

Debt can be like a stubborn visitor that won't leave. The only smart solution is to "japa" from it! In case you’re already in one, tackle high-interest debts first and make a plan to pay them off, freeing yourself from financial burdens. Once you’ve paid them off, don’t go back. Sapa is by the corner.

Hack 5: “He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best”

Prioritize long-term gains over short-term pleasures. So, instead of spending your 2k on shawarma, use it to make smart investment decisions that will yield delicious returns down the road! 

Adopt these hacks into your everyday finances and you'll be on your way to smashing financial goals even in the midst of this economic crisis. With Bankly as your trusted partner, achieving those goals will get as easy as dancing Buga!  Download the app here.

Go and make smart money moves.