Introducing Referrals: You can choose the next set of Bankly users!


Admin  |  March 1, 2024

2 minutes read

Love languages have evolved from what Gary Chapman knew in 1992. Today, anyone would pick “money” as their highest-ranking love language. Surely, you can trust Bankly to speak this language to you. 

If you’re a current user of the Bankly app, you already know about the 12% annual interest provided on your savings, the Save2Win Jackpot, where you can save a minimum of ₦200 to stand a chance to win ₦10,000 daily., and more attractive ways we allow you to make money easily on the app. 

Today, we bring you Referrals. With Referrals, you can earn ₦5,000 or more daily on your phone for free. In this article, We’ll walk you through a legit way to make money with your phone through our newly launched Referral feature. 

How does the Referral feature work? 

The Referral feature is how you, a Bankly user get to invite and choose the next set of users while simultaneously cashing out from the comfort of your couch. 

For every successful onboarded user you secure, you pocket ₦500. If you secure up to 10 users a day, that’s ₦5000! 

So, how does this whole Referral system work? 

It’s simple. The first thing to do is to share your referral code with your friends. 

You can do this in two ways.

1. Tap “Referrals” on your home screen, copy your referral code, and send it to your friend on any social media channel. Tell your friend to enter your referral code during their onboarding process. Once they successfully onboard on the app and perform a transaction, Bankly credits your referral earnings with ₦500. 

2. Tap the “Invite friends” button, enter a friend’s phone number, or choose one from your contact list automatically and invite your friend. Your friend will immediately receive a text message from Bankly that contains your referral code and a link to download the Bankly App.

How does the referral list work?

The referral list is divided into invites and onboarded. The contacts on your invite list are all the friends you have invited to download the Bankly app. On the other hand, the contacts on your onboarded list are the friends who have successfully downloaded the app and carried out at least a single transaction.  

The pending status on your referral earnings disappears after a 24-hour window. 

Referral earnings can only be withdrawn 24 hours after your friend onboards successfully on the Bankly app.

Can I clear my invite list?   

Yes, you can! All you need to do is, use the delete icon beside the name on your invite list to clear your list. Removing your invite from the list does not cancel your earnings. You will still receive your referral earnings when your invitees onboard on the app.

Will I receive notifications?

Yes, you will receive notifications on the Bankly app when your friends use your referral code to onboard. You will also be notified of your earnings from referrals when your invitees successfully onboard on the Bankly app.

How to withdraw your earnings

Simply tap the withdraw button, tap ‘continue’ and your account will be credited. Upon successful withdrawal, your referral earnings go back to zero.

What’s in it for my friends? 

When your friends successfully onboard on the Bankly app with your referral code, they are allowed to play the save2win game with 200 points. For your friends, this is an opportunity to win ₦10,000. 

Here's how they get the 200 points to play the game. 

  1. Complete registration

  2. Fund account with a minimum of ₦1000 

  3. Pay a bill on the Bankly app; Buy airtime, data, TV subscription, or electricity bill payment. 

  4. Send money using the Bankly app. 

Each activity earns them 50 points. Overall, they get 200 points to play the save2win game once they complete all 4 activities on the app. 

Please note that the pointing system is only available for Android users and we are working to include iOS users soon.

Things to note 

  1. Onboarded users only get access to these points within 30 days after they create an account. If they do not complete the onboarding process within 30 days, they will not receive the points allotted to each activity. 

  2. Onboarded users get 10 Save2win tickets immediately after they acquire all 200 points. To view the ticket, go to “Save2win.” Tickets are valid for 24 hours. 

  3. The 200 points on your home screen disappear 24 hours after the save2win tickets have been generated. 

  4. This pointing system is only available for Android users.