Top 7 Unique Business Ideas to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria

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Admin  |  November 18, 2023

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Do you often find yourself walking a tightrope between academic and financial responsibilities? Or are you a student looking for unique and creative business ideas in Nigeria?

Well, sapa is real, so look no further!

We have compiled a list of the top 7 unique business ideas that students can pursue to make money alongside their studies.

From thrifting cloth items to cooking for fellow students, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, if you’re ready to turn your passion into profit, keep reading and discover which idea resonates with you the most!

The following is a list of 7 business ideas for students in Nigeria:

·   Thrifting Clothing Items

·   Hair Styling

·   Selling Handmade Shoes

·   Laundry Services

·   Cooking for Students

·   Gift Curation

·   Graphic Design and Printing Services

Thrifting Clothing Items: Selling second-hand clothing items, popularly known as "Okirika" to fellow students at a reasonable price is quite profitable in a school setting. Barely would you find students purchase expensive clothing items. While they want to look good, they have a budget constraint. So, you can buy thrift clothing items in bulk and sell them. Depending on where you school, items like these are sold in popular markets across the country, for example, in Lagos, you can buy these items in places like Yaba, Aswani, Oshodi, Lagos Island, etc. You can go as far as establishing an online presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to display your products and have students place their orders from there.

Hair Styling: If you have hairstyling skills, this is for you. The beauty industry has been thriving for ages, no matter how broke Nigerian female students are, they will still prioritize looking good. Therefore, with the growing demand for personalized grooming, you can provide haircuts, braiding, and wig treatment services. In addition to hair styling, you can construct wigs or sell hair care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, hair creams, and styling tools, that are popular among students.

Selling Handmade Shoes: Selling handmade leather shoes and bags is also an excellent business idea that combines creativity with craftsmanship. Take inspiration from success stories like Footiesbyfadee and Teffect, who kick-started their entrepreneurial journey during their student days and turned it into a sustainable full-time business. The beauty of it is that you can learn through online tutorials or by collaborating with skilled artisans. Beyond showcasing and selling your products on campus, there is also a huge opportunity to reach a broader audience that can order online by creating a Facebook and Instagram page.

Laundry Services: Let's be honest, nobody likes doing laundry. Amid classes, assignments, and maybe a social life squeezed in between, students often find themselves drowning in dirty laundry. Even when designated laundry people exist, ironing is still a struggle. All you need to do is pick up their clothes, wash them, iron out the wrinkles, and then deliver them back, freshly pressed at a fee.

Cooking for students: The way to a person's heart is through their stomach, and that's true for students. Like the popular Korede Spaghetti in UNILAG, you can turn your love for cooking into a thriving food business. So, if you're the undisputed chef among your friends, start taking orders, whip up delicious meals, and save your fellow students time and money. You can even venture into curating food trays for birthdays and other celebrations.

Gift Curation: If you have a knack for buying thoughtful presents for your friends, why not turn it into a business? Gift curation is a business that often requires minimal startup capital. All you need is a list of preferences from the person giving the gift. From birthdays to Valentine's Day, you can make celebrations unforgettable by curating personalized gifts.

Graphic Design and Printing Services:

Imagine your friend is running for a president or financial secretary position, and they need a poster that screams “Vote for me" or you come in contact with someone who wants to start a fruit parfait business and needs stickers for their products. That's where you come in with your design and printing skills. Think about it. Every group presentation, student initiative, or campus event needs a touch of this service in an academic atmosphere. You can also design and print on custom merch T-shirts. So, if you have an eye for design, consider learning the skill and turning it into a business venture in school. 

Numerous opportunities await Nigerian students to earn extra income while pursuing their studies through entrepreneurship. By dedicating yourself to building a successful venture aligned with your passion, you can attain financial independence alongside your academic pursuits. Take advantage of these unique business ideas today because the possibilities are boundless!

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