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The Importance of Financial Inclusion…

The Importance of Financial Inclusion…

1. Access to financial services enables the poorest and most vulnerable in society to step out of poverty and reduces the inequality in society 2. Financial inclusion not only helps individuals and families, but collectively it develops entire communities and can help drive economic growth 3. Financial inclusion is about enabling and empowering people and communities: Enabling people to have the ability […]

How Mobile Innovations Can Help Small Farmers Grow

This post first appeared here  Colombia is fed by small farmers. Every day, three-fourths of the food arriving at its capital, Bogota, is produced by these small farmers. Yet like their counterparts in other parts of the world, they face an uphill battle to stay afloat and grow. While their bigger competitors can take advantage […]

Where to invest your savings in 2017

The refinancing allowed Mr. Delzio to drop his mortgage rate to 4.375% from 6.625%, for a monthly savings So before stopping at the doorstep or your homeownership dream, think again and reconsider it by taking a look at your refinancing options. Let’s start with the fact that the interest rate on your mortgage is tied […]